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Inheritance and Succession

It refers to the process in which one's assets are passed from one generation the next generation. It may includes cash, property, jewellery, provident fund; fixed deposit etc. An individual can arrange the transfer of assets in many ways; there are different tools available.

Mody & Mody has considerable experience and know-how in handling inheritance and business succession disputes. 

Our experience has included advising clients in connection with disputed matters such as conciliation for the division of an estate, litigation to claim abatement of a (testamentary) gift, and business succession litigation concerning the control of family-owned and closely held companies following the death or withdrawal of a principal shareholder or partner. 

In addition to our litigation expertise, we are experienced with alternative methods of dispute resolution such as mediation and arbitration. We also advise clients on how to avoid estate and business succession disputes, by providing careful counsel on the preparation, custody and execution of wills, and innovative advice on the structuring and establishment of family-owned and closely held businesses to avoid potential tax and legal problems in the future.

Mody & Mody understands your concerns pertaining to estate planning and are committed to provide you with the best possible legal services in all estate planning matters. Your estate of bank accounts, stock accounts, properties and other assets, deserves to be secured in the hands of your loved ones with the least complications.

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