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Education Law

Mody & Mody has first-hand experience and in-depth understanding of the special demands of labor relations and employment law as they apply to educational institutions. We are known throughout the state for the breadth and depth of our expertise in representing schools, colleges and students (public, independent, private, religious and charter).

Our clients and offered services includes but not limited to:

School and College Administration

  • Budget and finance

  • Audits and auditors

  • Conflicts of interest

  • Voting rights/responsibilities

Student Affairs

  • Student discipline (including harassment), investigations, withdrawal from school

  • Civil Rights

  • First Amendment/ freedom of expression issues

  • Instructional/ legal issues

  • Review and drafting of student contracts, student handbooks, individual behavioral contracts and related materials

  • Student permits/ attendance

  • Bilingual education

  • Special Education

  • Breach of contract

  • Educational malpractice

Business and Facilities 

  • Construction contracts and litigation

  • Contracts and purchasing agreements, and related litigation

  • Competitive bidding and contract award

  • Real property (acquisition, sale, lease, Education Code requirements)

  • Intergovernmental agreements

  • Foundations and auxiliary organizations

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